TV Review: Jane the Virgin

The next TV show you're going to binge on.

Chances are, if you clicked on this link to check out this article, it’s probably for the following reasons:

  1. You heard about the TV show from a friend, and seeing the name pop up yet again made you want to figure out what the heck the hype is about.
  2. The word “virgin” caught your attention. (It’s okay, be honest.)
  3. You know someone named Jane?

Whatever the reason may be, I welcome you into this article and the world of Jane the Virgin, since it’s a TV show you certainly won’t want to miss.


(The CW)

Jane the Virgin is a semi-new TV show from The CW network. An interesting feature to note is that the cast is almost entirely PoC (people of color), causing the show to receive a lot of attention for the unique characteristic to take on. (There is literally only 2 main white characters in the entire show.)

Uh oh. (The CW)

Uh oh. (The CW)

The story follows Jane Villanueva, a 23 year old who’s had her life meticulously planned and followed for as long as she can remember. But after one unfortunate visit to the clinic, she is accidentally, artificially inseminated by Rafael Solano, major hotel owner and Jane’s boss. The pregnancy is confirmed and Jane, a virgin, is forced to keep her life together and on track as much as she possibly can.

There is definitely a lot more that goes into the story, and the 22-episode season is full of drama and witty dialogue. But what stands out the most about this TV show is that focuses on family. Most shows from The CW are scandalous romance stories about cheating (Gossip Girl), vampires (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals), or some magic-supernatural subject (Supernatural). And while Jane the Virgin definitely does have its fair share of telenovela-worthy drama, at the end of each episode is the moral that family, no matter how large or small, is what always has your back, no matter the choice you make.

Family comes first, no matter what. (The CW)

Family comes first, no matter what. (The CW)

Moving out of all that cuteness, Jane the Virgin also has some seriously hot male leads. Or really, just one in particular, and he plays Jane’s beau Rafael Solano, super-rich, entitled hotel owner.


OMG x100000 (janegifs, Tumblr)

OMG x100000 (janegifs, Tumblr)

OMG x10000 (janegifs, Tumblr)

OMG x10000 (janegifs, Tumblr)








The narrator is also hilariously funny, and really one of the main reasons why I watch the show. His sass is unreal, but it’s something you need to watch episode-by-episode to get the best snippets and fully appreciate them. Here is a short snippet of a scene that perfectly captures this entire show, but remember, it really does get better.

Finally (although I already touched up on this before), it’s the new portrayal of a Latin American culture in a TV show that makes this so intriguing. Although I wish I can say this is a common scene on the American TV-screen, it’s not, despite the astonishing fact that there are over 54 million hispanics living in the United States. This fresh view reminds us of other new POV shows like Fresh Off The Boat, told from an Asian family’s perspective. With Jane the Virgin, you get a glimpse at a hispanic culture and family, while learning a bit of Spanish along the way. It’s the best of all worlds, and you need to go and watch the first episode, right now. (But after you finish all your homework.)


– Faith Choi (’16)

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