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  1. Hello faculty of the Korean International School. I have encountered your amazing program by word of mouth from one of my best friends, and a client of yours, Chris H.S. Park. He is really a great guy and excels both academically and musically. Beyond that, he broke many athletic records at our middle school, including but not limited to the fastest 1600 meter and 400 meter runs, along with the high jump and long jump records. It is evident that Park is a model student, and that is the reason for my writing of this email.

    It is obvious that Chris Park has excelled in all fields from athletics to academics. However, I believe the real key to his success was his participation in the Korean International School. How do I sign up?

    I recognize that I am very far behind Park in all aspects of my life. I cannot even picture coming anywhere near his success. However, maybe by participating in your school, just maybe, a small spark of genius, or muse, will be unlocked. Thank you for reading the email and my prospects for a life like that of Park’s. I look forward to your response.

    Zachary Reiss

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